Good Bye, 2018

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Time Flies, It is time for us to say goodbye to 2018. So let us make a conclusion for our 2018.

Personally, the biggest thing I have learned in 2018 is less is more, simplicity is more important than complication.

As an adult, you will find that many of us have lost our talent: Simplicity. We want to learn everything as so many boring stuff on the internet entice us to make a try in the nowadays.

Just ask yourself one simple question: Is this what you really want? Is it really does matter to your life?

Completely, the answer is: No.

I have read the book 《AI,Superpower》which was written by Kai Fu Lee, He is one of the most influential people in the scientific area of Artificial Intelligence. 

In this book, he apologized to his family as he missed so many precious moments as a father to his two daughters, a husband to his wife, a son to his parents. He appealed to the young people in the world to spend more time figuring out what is the most important thing in your life. 

He also pointed out AI can replace the majority job in the future exclude one thing-Love, only love will not be replaced by AI. 

AI plays better than human being when it comes to logic calculation, deep learning. However, AI will never learn how to love and empathy.

He once thought only work can make him a successful man, so he spent 70% of his time on working till he got lymph cancer in 2013, then he began to look inside his heart and mind. He finally concluded that he was some sort of success in his working, however, failure in his family life.

How long have you not look inside your heart? How long have you not speak with your mind?

"Greatness takes time", this is the company slogan of MML digital, and in some respect, I can't agree with it anymore. The magnifying glass can burn a pager resort to it's focusing. 

Focusing means we should not spread our attention to multiple tasks. Focusing on the 20% important thing which can bring us benefits with our 80% energy. Which of course called the Pareto Principle.

We should be the owner of our desire instead of slave. We need to control our desire instead of out of control.

This is what I have learned most in 2018. I will continue to share my thoughts with you guys in the upcoming 2019.

Just let me know what you have learned in 2018.

Happy New Year!



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